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The benefits of using 3D for Interior Design

One of the most challenging aspects of creating a new space is the inability to envision what it will look like. This is precisely where 3D visualisation and rendering come into play. The ability to test designs and move beyond 2D floor plans or 2D computer-aided designs (CAD) is a great asset to architects, interior designers and their clients.

3D rendering is the process of producing an image based on three-dimensional (3D) data stored within a computer. While it is a creative process like photography or cinematography because it produces images, all images in 3D rendering must be created before they can be rendered. Therefore, those creating the image have immense control over what is depicted in the scene. 3D rendering is used to model floor plans, proposed new or revised buildings and even landscapes.It can also add incredibly realistic effects like light, color, texture, shadows, atmosphere, etc.

Note: images from Chief Architect Premier The benefits of using 3D rendering over 2D floor plans are significant. Although 2D plans require significant time to draw. Your computer can facilitate 3D alterations in a few clicks, which ultimately reduces mistakes and saves time. The ability to bring a design to life has never been more tangible than with 3D rendering services. With the capability to see your design before you ever construct it, you can thoughtfully adjust and plan according to what you like and dislike with your model. So let the team at Belinda Kelly Interiors show you how 3D design can save you time, money and add a level of excitement to the process.


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