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Transitional Kitchens Are Having A Moment

The Transitional kitchen is the most popular kitchen style, according to research by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

A transitional kitchen borrows features from both traditional and contemporary design.

Transitional kitchens are having a moment and it’s not difficult to see why.

Marked by a mix of both traditional and contemporary design elements, transitional kitchens are every bit as versatile as they are beautiful.

A transitional kitchen blends both modern and traditional design elements. They’re great because they allow you to have the functionality of modern-day living and also blend into the architecture of an older home. Who said being basic was a bad thing? When it comes to your transitional kitchen, a simple, neutral color palette can actually work wonders. Or if you prefer to keep things clean and simple you should stick to organic finishes, such as concrete, wood, and stone. “I like to keep the flooring neutral by incorporating a flooring that flows into the surrounding spaces seamlessly. I love to create a more neutral palette with counters, cabinets and floors in a transitional kitchen. Wood tones allow you to go more modern on for example your cabinet fronts while still having a little bit of a traditional flavor. But don’t be discouraged if neutrals aren’t your thing; you can always integrate some fresh pops of color into your space. For example you can add a pop of colour to the island or add colourful pendants over the island.

I love using texture in transitional kitchens, such as a beautifully glazed backsplash tile, maybe with some pitting or crackling or a counter with an striking look or finish. A lot of people appreciate modernism but feel like it can be too stark. Blending styles gives them the best of both worlds. The trasnsitional kitchen is here to stay!


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