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How to Avoid Costly Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

If you want to invest in your own kitchen but don’t want to break the bank, be sure to avoid these costly kitchen renovation mistakes.

Like my university professor always said, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Plan your renovation to fit your space.

Your plan should be in place before the contractor even starts work.

You’ll need to start with the basics and have a firm budget in place. Beyond the renovation itself set aside approx 15-20% for surprises and delays that pop up.

Consider the layout, and ensure proper clearances around aiseways and appliances.

Select your cabinetry the same time you select your appliances.

Choose a timeless cabinetry style, select your flooring, appliances, electrical and lighting, and take small details into account.

You need to make sure everything fits.

Kitchen flooring needs to be up to the task. The kitchen floor takes a lot of abuse and spills. Hardwood is fine as long as it is sealed with a proper finish.

Trends are nice and fun but you want your kitchen to be current and not easily out of date.

Stick to timeless classics and try to avoid trends. Instead incorporate trends in accessories that can be easily updated.

Form follows function.

The kitchen plan needs to be well thought out and functional.

Storage is also an important and often overlooked feature in a kitchen.

Look at all opportunities to create extra space for storage. If you have the space add a pantry or utilize a cabinet as a pantry.

Think sustainability. Buy long-lasting quality cookware, purchase energy efficient appliances and invest in recycling and compost bins that can be stored out of sight. In the kitchen.

Invest in quality paint. Top quality paints have better levelling and tend to go on more evenly; also the brush and roller marks tend to be less unnoticeable. These paints have quality pigments. are tougher and usually can withstand scrubbing without the surface being damaged

If planning is not your forte hire an experienced interior designer.

This will save you money and add value in the long run.

Look for an ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior designers Of Ontario)


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