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Home Offices Add Value

Working from home became a requisite for Canadians during the pandemic, and remote work continues to be a preferable option for many workers. As home offices play a larger part of home layout and design, one thing that will become important is creating a pleasant and productive environment. If you work from a home office you’ll want to have a space allocated especially for your job so you can maintain a healthy mindset and create separation between your work and home life.

Here are a few design tips that will be helpful:

  • Light: Make your your office has plenty of natural and artificial light to cut down on eye stain and headaches. Place a task lamp to your desk to create focused light and reduce glare.

  • Use your space efficiently: Use attractive containers to organize. Utilize wall space to hang filing systems, whiteboards and shelving. Install open shelving. There are entire businesses devoted to helping you organize.

  • Location: Select a great location within the home that is bright and inviting. For example the guest bedroom can be revamped with a pull out sofa or a Murphy bed to accommodate guests.This can free up space for a desk storage and an office chair. Or carve out a space below open stairs or in an unused nook in your home.

  • Form follows function: Consider your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips. Your chair, desk and office tools should serve you not the other way around. Invest in office furniture that compliments your style and the other rooms in your home.

  • Invest in a great office chair: An economically correct and comfortable office chair is worth every dollar you spend on it.

  • Make the space your own with the use of colour: Paint or wallpaper the walls a colour you love. For example a cool blue can be both inviting and comfortable. A soft grey can add a relaxed romantic feel. A sunshine yellow is associated with happiness and promotes creativity. You get the idea.

  • Master your technology: Use grommets and wire management to hide those unsightly utility cords.

  • A bespoke home office space that’s tailored to your work needs and offers flexibility should result in better productivity and a higher comfort level.

According to a recent survey from Zillow: A dedicated home office is at the top of the list for potential home buyers. A home office was mentioned more than 8% of all new homes for sale according to their research, adding a home office boosts the value of homes by 8-10%. So yes a dedicated home office adds value.


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