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2022 Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are similar to fashion trends, as both are inspired by the culture and current events. Trend forecasting is about identifying consumers’ attitudes, needs, wants, spending patterns and lifestyles and also economic factors. Through trend analysis, common factors and issues are then matched to colours, styles, products and materials to suit those needs and wants, generally two years beforehand. It combines social science with a keen eye for design. In 2022 the latest trends will incorporate natural wood everywhere, from flooring, to countertops, to accent decor and furniture. Both consumers and designers are embracing recycled and handcrafted goods for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their eco-friendly design approach. Whether you incorporate a sustainable bamboo floor or bring nature indoors with the use of plants. You can expect to see natural elements play a major role in design in 2022.

Another stong trend is the use of versatile furniture and duel purpose rooms. For example comfortable chairs that convert to beds. Or furniture that doubles as storage space are very popular this year. Multi-functional spaces and rooms that are designed to be used for numerous purposes are trending in home design.

Warm colours are also making a comeback. Browns and beiges will be widely used for the earthy tones they offer in homes this year. Beige is leading the way as a neutral tone. You’ll also be seeing more warmer colour palettes in the coming season including strong usage of orange and red. The years of dull and muted colours have given way to bright joyful colours that inspire happiness.


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