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Choosing a backsplash tile

A bathroom or kitchen backsplash works much like jewelry. Simple or snazzy, it can bring a whole look together; the right backsplash helps your space reach its potential.

Glass, cement, subway, mosaic, patterned or laser cut the choices are immense.

The countertop and the backsplash meet one another at the wall line, which means that often the first element you need to consider when choosing your backsplash is the countertop. You can take your colour cue from the surrounding elements.

Style and theme should also be taken into consideration. For example sleek, contemporary tiles with clean edges work in modern spaces. Subway tiles are a classic and work in condos and in ranch style homes.

The durability of your backsplash tiles will be determined by the material you use and also the maintenance process. It is worth noting that some materials such as granite are strong and resilient being able to withstand heat and pressure.

So remember a backsplash is both functional and useful but it also adds a design element that is unmistakable.

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