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The Benefit of Professional Interior Designers

The value of interior design

Published by Patrick Voisin, August 02, 2017.

Interior design can have such a positive impact on the occupants of well-designed spaces. Those working in the design realm understand this acutely but it is not always common knowledge among the general public. One of IDC’s goals it so make interior design more visible by showing how design impacts lives in Canada and around the globe. We recently caught up with Oakville, Ontario-based One Three Design’s Rachel Keach and Diane Ernjakovic to talk recent projects, accomplishments, inspirations and challenges.

IDC: Why did you become an interior designer? Rachel Keach: We both have a love and appreciation for creating a mix of function and beauty in a home. Diane Ernjakovic: We, of course, both grew up forcing our parents into constantly repainting the house and moving furniture around as young girls.

IDC: What is the value of interior design in our built environments?

RK: Interior design allows us to create a space that functions thoughtfully with the compliment of a specific feeling and aesthetic. It helps us edit for people to make the most out of their spaces. All of this caters to the clients' needs and likes. IDC: Do you think the public has a rounded understanding of the roles of interior designers? DE: Perhaps not really the full role. Typically clients don't understand the benefit of an interior designer before the ‘nice finishes stage.’ The early stages like space planning, research into clients’ lifestyles and needs and budget planning are some of the things that get overlooked. And definitely [the need] to help keep everything on track so that the furniture arrives when construction is done and not a month later. RK: Also planning for architectural elements gets skipped and left in the hands of a general contractor. For example, planning lighting based on the specific use of the space vs. a generic lighting layout. Also, we are often the voice of the clients in a renovation to the contractor for any concerns or ideas. IDC: What is the value of being a member of your national association (IDC) and provincial association (ARIDO)?

DE: Having this level of credential reassures clients of the ongoing education and validity of an interior designer.

IDC: How has being featured on televisions shows such as HGTV and CityLine impacted your careers? DE: It's been great to meet some of the great colleagues we have out there. It's really a blast doing these shows! RK: It has also allowed us to reach out to a broader group of people and share our knowledge and design ideas with them.

IDC: Can you give an example of how one of your projects has had a positive influence on someone? DE: It's hard to choose just one! So many of our clients have been touched by the thoughtful details we have put into their spaces and homes. We take a lot of time to get to know our clients so that we are filling their homes with items which are meaningful to them as if they would have chosen them themselves. RK: Most people cry. One family had very different design styles and we were able to make a room for each of them (offices and family rooms) which was totally different from the other areas to reflect the individual but still felt cohesive like one family home.

Kitchen design by Belinda Kelly

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